Monday, October 31, 2011

Ruby leaves


Posted under Ruby Tuesday, Macro Monday and Touchup Tuesday.

- Vrinda.


Lola said...

Truly beautiful - love the ruby redness!

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Here’s mine!

Kim, USA said...

That is gorgeous!

Carletta said...

The first one with the light and brightness is my favorite.

Liz said...

Beautiful photos!

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Maria @ LSS said...

Lovely shots.

Kala said...

Gorgeous light and color, especially in the second image!

Happy MM

Gattina said...

red leaves ! gorgeous !

Robin said...

What interesting and colorful leaves. Love the deep orange in the second photo.

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Chandrika Shubham said...

Beautiful red leaves beautifully captured. :)

Yellow mellow and sunshine are nice. :)

Ida said...

Lovely shot of these ruby colored leaves. Autumn is just so beautiful.