Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Silver Vine

Hi Frenz,

I'm posting this pic after a very long time, mmmm.... I've been taking long breaks in between. From now on it won't be the case, as I have got my camera fixed. I've started taking shots... I'll keep posting them on my blog.. so keep visiting. 

This plant is more famous as Money plant. It is the most popular house plant, which is mostly used as a decorative displays at home, offices and public places. 


Actually my husband liked the 'Before' shot, whereas I liked the 'After' one. Please shoot your comments and which one you like the most... 



Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Great pic. The plant is called golden pothos not silvervine.

Vrinda said...

Thanks for your comments.

Golden pothos and silver vine are the names of the same plant. But as I said this plant is mostly known as Money Plant.

- Vrinda.

lisa. said...

I choose the second one Vrinda.
Love the bright color!

Sree said...

Yup money plant ...we too got that one here , but somewhat big .....anyways , u asked which one was better - i would say the original one is my fav . Nothing wrong with the after one , but looks too vivid ...just my thought :)

Shiju Sugunan said...

Welcome back! I prefer the first one. Please remove the word verification for comments. It is such a hassle.